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Janet Breceda Wright is an accomplished photographer, and now an author and CEO of a fledgling publishing company. The Audacious Little Princesses was Janet’s first published book, but one born from her own experiences and those of her daughters, all of whom struggled with issues of self-esteem, self-worth, and gender limitations. She is also the co-author of the up-and-coming Audacious series book number two, Way Off. She is excited to be able to give to girls and women everywhere authentic stories that defy limitations, and exemplify repeatedly that girls can do anything, and can aspire to become anyone they can imagine themselves being.



Nataly Michelle Wright was a secondary educator for 13 years before leaving the profession to focus on literary editing and publishing. A native of California, she earned her BA in English at Cal Poly Pomona, M.Ed at the University of La Verne, her Certificate of Copyediting at UC San Diego and is a member of the Editorial Freelance Association. Not only is she an editor and publisher, but she is also a public speaker, and can be found giving workshops and seminars to educators and authors. Nataly is the co-author of the award winning children's book, The Audacious Little Princesses and Way Off, and Editor-in-chief of Angeleno Ave Publishing. It is Nataly's mission to help artists of all genres get their words out into the world. 



Alyssa E. Wright-Myles earned a B.A. in English Literature and an M.Ed. She is a published writer and former Chair of the English Department at a California high school. Alyssa has taught literacy to At-Risk elementary school children for whom English was not their first language, and directed a highly successful After-School Program for At-Risk middle school children. Alyssa’s participation in writing The Audacious Little Princesses with her mother and sister Nataly was an awesome experience. The message she wants to send to little girls everywhere is the notion that obstacles can be overcome.  


William Stephen Perkins, a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona, is a freelance illustrator/graphic designer, as well as licensed architect.  Since 1996, William has been designing architectural projects both domestically and overseas.  In more recent years he has developed a passion for brand development and illustrating books.  His primary goal is to create bodies of lasting impressionable works in the world of art and architecture.  William and his family currently reside in Southern California.


Victor Gonzales graduated with a degree in History and Chicano studies. He chose to teach English to men and women who needed to acquire the language, so that they could obtain jobs to support their families. It took family and friends years to convince Victor that his stories were worth telling to the world. He finally sat down and wrote the compelling and award-winning  book, Insurgency: The 1968 Aztec Walkout.  There are other profound stories in Victors's visionary mind waiting to be told.  We are guaranteed that another gem is on the way.


Sister Jean Marie Kirby, OCD was born in Hollywood in 1928. She chose to consecrate herself totally to God in the Carmelite Order and entered the cloister in Alhambra, California in 1946, immediately after graduating from high school. Her father was a poet who inspired her to write, as an expression of her journey. She was greatly attracted to the word of God in scripture, and began to make that predominately her study and prayer. She developed two TV Shows for Lompoc Media Center (T.A.P.), The Open Book, and The Bible Code. In this publication of her poems, a child of Mary re-echoes, The Mercies of the Lord I Will Sing...


Dano Marr was born and raised in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Since he was young, he has always enjoyed drawing, so much so that he moved to Los Angeles to study art at the University of Southern California where he earned his B.A. in Fine Arts. The Audacious Little Princesses was his first illustrated storybook, a project he truly enjoyed making with the authors.  He lives in Sweden where he works as a designer and illustrator.