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The Audacious Little Princesses
 Janet Wright, A.E. Wright, and NatalyMichelle Wright; Dano Marr

It's Sydney's birthday!! She is having a princess birthday party with her very best friends. For the party, they each have to dress up like princesses, but which one? As Sydney and her friends decided which princesses they will dress up as, they learn about their own diverse family histories. Winner of two International Latino Book Awards.


Insurgency: 1968 Aztec Walkout
Victor Gonzalez

Reported as a rebellion by the Azusa Herald, a local newspaper, this In Xochitl In Cuicatl (flowery song) explains the causes for the student walkout at Azusa High on December 13, 1968. With pivotal advice and assistance from Sal Castro, student leaders form UMAS (United Mexican American Students), forerunner of MECHA, a Xicano student organization today found on many high school and college campuses. It vividly details the author's successful year end frantic struggle to gain admission to a four year college after being rejected by seven colleges and universities whose applications were deliberately sabotaged by school administrators. This historical nonfiction account is a powerful and extraordinary unique glance in that 1968 year or worldwide student activism and which was also a part and part of the late 1960's incipient movimiento known as La Causa Chicana.


The Mercies of the Lord... I Will Sing
Sister Jean Marie Kirby, OCD; William Perkins


Way Off.jpg

Way Off
Nataly Michelle Wright, Janet Breceda Wright, A.E. Wright; William Perkins